Environmental Permitting

Environmental permitting is not a straight-forward process. Evaluating your processes and their effect on actual and potential outputs is just the beginning. It is important you obtain the correct permit and then maintain the expected requirements as well. The DECA Environmental Team has 24 years of experience of guiding clients through the environmental permitting process. From the initial audit, through the classification and application process, to implementing a monitoring and reporting system, DECA can help you obtain and retain the appropriate permits.

Our Environmental Permitting Process:

Step 1: Initial Audit

Our environmental permitting experts provide the initial audit, working with your engineers or plant managers to evaluate your whole system. We conduct an on-site review of all individual processes that create your final product. This analysis pinpoints how your business needs to be permitted, since multiple points of contact with your product may have separate environmental requirements.

Step 2: Output Measurement

Actual output calculations are measured, whether they be emissions, hazardous waste, solid waste, stormwater outfalls, oil storage capacity or other materials your industry creates. We compare this data to applicable regulatory thresholds to determine the type and level of permits your process require.

Step 3: Environmental Permit Application

Next we move into the complex world of applying for permits. There are numerous forms and calculations required, as well as nuances that come with dealing with multiple states or departments. The DECA Environmental Team directs your applications through the appropriate channels, answering questions and providing additional data if needed. We then review the draft permit and ensure that the final issuance is appropriate for your business.

Step 4: Environmental Compliance Plan Development and Training

Staying within the restrictions of your permit is the key to avoiding costly non-compliance fines and penalties. The DECA Environmental Team will develop an environmental compliance plan to keep you in compliance, creating policies and practices for seamless application to your daily operations. We then work with you to implement the plan and train employees to ensure compliance.

Step 5: Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting

Our relationship with you does not stop once your permit is attained and your plan is in place. The DECA Environmental Team is your partner in helping you maintain your permit by implementing a compliance calendar to ensure all recordkeeping and reporting is completed. We can provide testing and reporting services as well.

Finally, we are set to assist you through the environmental permitting process again when your permit expires.

Environmental Permitting Services:

  • Air Permits (Construction, Initial, Renewals, and Modifications)
  • NPDES Permits
  • Stormwater Permitting
  • SPCC Plans
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal Applications
  • Solid Waste Disposal Applications
  • Compliance Calendars
  • Online SDS Management

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