Online SDS Management

MSDS icon2Our SDS Online Management tool provides you with a powerful organizational system for your safety documents. It eliminates cumbersome folders full of out-dated papers and allows employees access to documentation from any computer or smart phone. While GHS Standards require data updates every three years, our system will be updated every two, giving you access to the most recent information. Manage multiple sites, easily index new SDS, and print compliant labels all from a centralized system. Pricing is based on the number of SDS you manage and can be billed monthly for better budget management.

Try the DECA Demo and see how easy and intuitive the system can be for your employees.

Below are sample screen shots of the SDS Online Management Tool:

Employee View
Allows direct access to your company’s SDSs or to the Warehouse Search option of greater than 5 Million SDSs. Enter the name of the product and hit Search for SDS.
Online MSDS - Employee View

View Search Results
View the SDS results of a search ranked by relevancy. Click on a product name and have direct access to the most important information along with GHS Pictograms.
Online MSDS - View Search Results

Summary View
Provides specific information about the chemical including the ingredients, physical properties, labels, and where the product is used. All SDSs can be downloaded to your computer and easily shared.
Online MSDS Summary View

Label Printing
Print labels directly to any printer on standard Avery label sheets. GHS compliant information is included on every label.
Online MSDS Label Printing

Advanced Search
Search for specific safety or health criteria from 35 separate options to find information pertinent to your company’s activities. Quickly identify potential hazards to keep your employees safe.
Online MSDS Advanced Search


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