Comprehensive Environmental Management Services

A commitment to corporate responsibility and adhering to local, state and federal regulations drive both our team and our clients to pursue excellence in the environmental arena. Achieving that goal means taking a comprehensive view of your business process. DECA Environmental is your trusted partner in managing your above ground environmental responsibilities, from start to finish. We are more than record keepers – we offer a wide range of expertise to help you reach your environmental … [Read more...]

Hazardous Waste Management Case Study: Reducing a $97,500 IDEM Fine

The regulations pertaining to hazardous waste management are complex. If businesses are not diligent in their monitoring and disposal processes, they can easily step out of compliance and face hefty fines. A client of ours found themselves in this expensive situation and looked to us to help lead them out of it. Our client is a manufacturer of commercial vehicles with three separate operations on one site under one hazardous waste ID number. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management … [Read more...]

Ins and Outs of the Indiana Air Permitting Process

For people who are not involved in the air permitting process on a daily basis, it can seem unnecessarily complicated and overwhelming. Even if your company does not need an air permit, there may be a good reason to prove you're exempt. The DECA Environmental Team has been working in this arena for over 19 years and is very familiar with the ins and outs of the Indiana air permitting process. Whether your facility needs an air permit is initially based upon your Potential To Emit (PTE), a … [Read more...]

Case Study: Metals Processor Released from $47,000 Form R Fine

If you use EPCRA Section 313 chemicals, you are very familiar with toxic release inventories or TRIs. Regardless of whether you are required to submit your reporting to the EPA, you must always have records of the methodology and supporting calculations that establish your usage. In other words, if you use these chemicals you have to monitor and record your activities. That reporting and recordkeeping is subject at any time to EPA inspection to confirm the process and information were … [Read more...]

The Technology Behind DECA’s Online SDS System

At DECA Environmental, we are proud to offer an online SDS system to our clients. We know the front-end value it can bring to each organization, from saving time and money, to increased safety and accurate reporting. However, there is also a lot of value in the back-end of our platform, which serves as the backbone for overall ease and efficiency. SAAS Technology Our online SDS management program is built with SAAS, or cloud-based, technology. The most valuable benefit to this type of software … [Read more...]

The Value of Outsourced Environmental Compliance Services

It was my experience with the challenges of keeping up with environmental monitoring and compliance that led me to DECA Environmental 18 years ago. Small, straightforward operations and large, complex facilities all struggle with creating efficient and accurate processes to keep them in compliance. There was and still is a need in the marketplace for outsourced experts. One of our long-time clients, Phil Williamson, Director Environmental Health and Safety for Autoneum North America Inc., … [Read more...]

Understanding Air Permitting and Compliance

There are two aspects to managing air emissions: permitting and compliance. Air permitting requires gathering usage rates of pollutant-emitting equipment and then calculating the emissions from those units to uncover the total emissions from your facility. That information is then given to IDEM and an air permit is generated. Compliance comes after the permitting process and requires keeping up with the quarterly and annual record keeping and reporting requirements. While most organizations … [Read more...]

The Value of an Environmental Reporting Online Tracking System

Environmental emissions reporting can be an arduous task if you do not have systems in place to monitor what materials you use and in what quantities. Your SDS system is the root of the process, and is preferably one that works well with your emissions database for streamlined reporting. Lippert Components, a supplier of components to the recreational vehicle, manufactured housing, trailer, bus, marine and heavy truck industries, has used DECA Environmental’s Online SDS and integrated … [Read more...]

Environmental Services: Compliance and Permitting

Toxic release inventories, or TRIs (Form R), are due on July 1st from facilities that release, manufacture, or use EPCRA Section 313 chemicals above EPA thresholds (over 25,000 lbs). Facilities must report, using Form R, quantities of 313 chemicals used during the calendar year to the EPA, including chemicals in waste onsite and offsite, as well as accidental releases. Regardless of whether TRI reporting is applicable, the methodology and supporting calculations need to be established to prove … [Read more...]

No More Paper: The Benefits of Adopting an Online SDS Management System

A challenge many companies face is the lack of a centralized safety data sheet (SDS) system. Businesses with multiple departments and work sites must juggle their regulated materials between them, providing each location with copies of their needed SDSs. However, this paper system has several drawbacks. Updating SDSs becomes a time-consuming task as every copy at each location must be replaced with the new SDS. New chemicals brought in by different departments may not communicate their recent … [Read more...]