Data Management

As a part of our commitment to your continued compliance, Deca Environmental has developed the capability to manage all permitting and compliance-related documentation online in a simple to use, secure database/web portal which puts vital documents at your fingertips. Our system allows many stakeholders (for example vendors and purchasing agents) to easily coordinate with you in obtaining the necessary data over the internet. We also offer custom data integration in special cases where your company might already be collecting relevant environmental data, for example through centralized purchasing or inventory/quality control databases. In general, our data management solution can store and organize:

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Records
  • Permits
  • Documents and Links
  • Compliance deadlines

From production, material usage, and regulatory data it instantly calculates and compiles many different environmental records which can be stored and organized online and/or downloaded to your PC. These records can be used to meet various regulatory and non-regulatory monitoring requirements. A few of the many record queries available are:

  • Applicable Requirements and Due Dates
  • Air permit VOC and HAPs records
  • Form R and Tier II Quantities Methodologies
  • NESHAP Records
  • Specifically regulated OSHA chemical tracking.

To learn more about our Data Management services, contact us today.