Comprehensive Environmental Management Services

A commitment to corporate responsibility and adhering to local, state and federal regulations drive both our team and our clients to pursue excellence in the environmental arena. Achieving that goal means taking a comprehensive view of your business process. DECA Environmental is your trusted partner in managing your above ground environmental responsibilities, from start to finish. We are more than record keepers – we offer a wide range of expertise to help you reach your environmental management objectives.

Environmental Permitting

From air and waste to stormwater and SPCC, the DECA Team guides you through the entire initial environmental permitting process, as well as subsequent modifications. We begin by gaining in-depth knowledge of your plant by conducting a comprehensive assessment. For example, we perform an Air Emissions Audit to determine which level of air permit is required. Outside the plant, we evaluate the stormwater permit applicability. We also measure the quantities of oil storage to determine if you need an SPCC Plan. In addition, the audit identifies opportunities to minimize your outputs and ensures your solid and hazardous waste is being handled properly and is permitted correctly. Tracking the final disposal requirements and completing yearly reporting are other ways we help you stay in compliance. Finally, our long-standing relationship with Indiana’s environmental regulating bodies means we serve as a powerful advocate if an issue arises. The DECA Team takes the time to understand your business, and is vested in your success.

  • Air Permits (Construction, Initial, Renewals, and Modifications)
  • NPDES Permits
  • Stormwater Permitting
  • SPCC Plans
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal Applications
  • Solid Waste Disposal Applications

Environmental Compliance

Environmental compliance does not stop once you receive the necessary permits. Consistent monitoring, tracking and reporting are the keys to keeping your permit and avoiding costly fines. The DECA Environmental Team implements a streamlined process to ensure each step is completed properly and on time. The facilities assessment we perform during the permitting process allows us to create a comprehensive compliance plan for your business. Implementing best management practices, regular operation audits and consistent monitoring allow us to identify areas for continued improvement. We can also work directly with your employees to ensure they understand the importance of their role in maintaining compliance. This systematic approach is invaluable when an inspector arrives at your facility, looking for issues and records.

  • Air Monitoring, Recordkeeping and Reporting
  • Waste Reports
  • TIER II Reporting
  • Form R Reporting
  • ISO 14001 Auditing and Program Development

Environmental Data Management

There are a lot of grey areas in environmental regulations, leaving room for misinterpretation when an inspector arrives at your facility. When an issue arises, many times the key to avoiding fines is accurate and accessible records. DECA Environmental’s electronic environmental data management system ensures that all of your files are well-organized and in one place, making staying in compliance easier. Our project management software stores your reporting requirements and data such as permits, applications and other relevant documents across all locations. Central to our system is the Compliance Calendar, which notes each reporting date for your permits over their lifetime. Plant Managers benefit from this transparency of the compliance process, easing the burden of assigning roles, creating budgets and monitoring activities. The true benefit of having a set schedule and all of your supporting documents in one place becomes even more clear when training a new employee. The DECA Team manages your data, providing both digital and hard-copy files as needed, as well as expert advice when you need it.

In general, our data management solution can store and organize:

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Records
  • Permits
  • Documents and Links
  • Compliance deadlines

A few of the many record queries available are:

  • Applicable Requirements and Due Dates
  • Air permit VOC and HAPs records
  • Form R and Tier II Quantities Methodologies
  • NESHAP Records
  • Specifically regulated OSHA chemical tracking

Online SDS Management

The days of managing your SDS via multiple papers in binders all over your facility are behind you. DECA Environmental’s Online SDS Management program allows everyone in your organization access to the most up-to-date SDS information from any location. New chemicals brought into your plant are immediately updated and those removed from your process are retired. Digitizing your SDS to a central place that employees can access with a computer or mobile device leads to increased productivity and decreased costs. DECA’s system offers unlimited users and administrators, multi-language options, and easy printing of secondary container labels. It also integrates with our Data Management System, further streamlining your reporting process. Increased safety and ensured compliance are the goals of our online SDS management system.

Emissions Tracking

Another benefit of our online SDS management system is the emissions tracking option. The program monitors and calculates your emissions on a monthly basis to help manage your permits and reporting requirements. Our system can maintain the 3-5-year recordkeeping requirements for the VOC and HAP’s dictated by your air permit and track usage records by chemical and CAS# allowing Form R evaluations to be completed in minutes. By having your methodology and associated SDS’s all within one system, you have quick access to the historical records an EPA inspector will be asking for.

DECA Environmental strives to provide you with comprehensive environmental management services, helping you protect the environment, your employees and your bottom line. Send us an email or give us a call at 317-575-0095 to learn more about how we can assist your business.