The Value of an Environmental Reporting Online Tracking System

Environmental emissions reporting can be an arduous task if you do not have systems in place to monitor what materials you use and in what quantities. Your SDS system is the root of the process, and is preferably one that works well with your emissions database for streamlined reporting. Lippert Components, a supplier of components to the recreational vehicle, manufactured housing, trailer, bus, marine and heavy truck industries, has used DECA Environmental’s Online SDS and integrated Environmental Reporting systems for the past few years. According to Lippert’s Jason Demeter, the ease of use, flexibility, and integration of both systems has made their reporting process much more effective

“We use the online SDS system, and it easily manages our 100s of SDSs from multiple sites across the country. The system’s robust search capability allows us to find SDSs based on name, manufacturer, description, etc. The interface is very user-friendly from an aesthetics point of view, and is intuitive to use. We found that our employees did not need a lot of training and were able to jump right in and use it. We have had auditors view the system and commend us on how nice it was. We find it useful that we can upload our own SDSs to the database, or DECA will do it for us. Finally, the Online SDS system has a GHS compliance mechanism built into it, which is important to our business.

The Online SDS system is linked to DECA’s environmental emissions reporting system and they work together very well. For example, I can submit a new paint SDS and DECA will create a link for it to the environmental reporting mechanism. Then I have access to all of the physical properties related to the chemicals and I can easily run multiple reports from the emissions database for a day, week, month, year—whatever timeframe I need based on permit requirements. Although we could upload our usage data to the system ourselves, we outsource that service to DECA. Also, DECA has been very responsive to helping with issues and making changes for us. The platform is highly customizable, so when we realize we need a new functionality they are able to provide it for us. We are managing multiple plants that each require their own reporting and we appreciate how easy it is to generate the reports we need.

Before we adopted DECA’s online SDS management system, we had an old Access database that was unstable and required internal support by an expert in the system. The problem was that when our expert left our employment, we were not able to support our own system. Once Jim Euler presented DECA’s system to me, I never looked back. DECA is not going anywhere so we do not have to worry about service and updates. And, the addition of environmental emissions reporting functionality brought even more value to our company.

Lippert Components has been in business since the late 1950s, so we have dealt with a lot of environmental changes over the life of our business. Having this integrated system helps ensure we are ready to respond to the changing world of environmental regulation. DECA offers other capabilities within the environmental reporting system that we have not explored yet, such as Form R tracking and Tier II reporting. I know we can be doing even more with DECA’s system.”

Having a robust environmental monitoring system relieves the worry surrounding compliance, especially when a surprise audit comes around. DECA Environmental’s Online SDS and Environmental Reporting systems have been built for accuracy and functionality. We are able to move beyond our already powerful program and customize the system for our clients’ needs. As experts in the environmental reporting field, we can help you identify how to make the most of the system. Imagine having a list of all of your used chemicals, their constituents and usage amounts all in one place, allowing you to query any type of reporting requirement associated with those chemicals. It is possible with our Online SDS and Environmental Reporting programs. To learn more, send us an email, or give us a call at 317.575.0095.