Online SDS Management Services Bring Efficiency to Your Business

Managing OSHA’s requirements involving Safety Data Sheets (SDS) may just be one of the most annoying aspects of running a business. They have a way of scattering throughout locations or even one office as materials are used or ordered by various departments. Centralizing paper in a complex organization is not easy! Efficiency has never been associated with SDS management—until now.

Fortunately, online SDS management systems now exist to help streamline the recording and reporting process. These programs allow businesses to access and file SDSs in one place, and make monitoring and reporting a breeze. As a provider of online SDS management programs, we at DECA have a unique approach to keeping SDS management efficient and up-to-date, allowing our clients to stay in compliance.

1) Competitive Pricing: Our client-centric, long-term-focused business approach means we expect to have a relationship with you for a long time. We are confident in our ability to serve our clients well, so we spread over time the up-front costs of joining our system. There are no “gotcha” costs you may find with other providers.

2) Ease of Use: Our cloud-based system is user friendly, accessible on any desktop or smart device, and takes very little training to use. However, we make sure you are never left in the dark. We provide multiple training outlets so your employees can be trained in ways that work best for you. Our online videos are there for you round the clock, but we also provide personalized online and onsite training if you so desire.

3) Up-To-Date Information: As you may know, OSHA requires newly-updated SDS from manufacturers every three years. We update our SDS every two years. You will not have to worry about this step again—you will always have the latest revisions to keep your business in compliance.

4) Multiple Language Capability: We live in a global economy, and we find that for many of our clients’ employees, English is not their first language. Our SDS Online Management system architecture can be set up in multiple languages, allowing all of your employees the ability to understand the system. However, SDSs will be published in the language they are written in, as they are created by the material manufacturers, not us.

5) Better Safety Management: We index 35 fields of data so you can easily search for CAS, NFPA, and GHS related items. Our online SDS system provides you with the information you need to manage your chemical and materials safely.

6) Compliant Labeling: To be in compliance with OSHA, every vessel that contains a regulated substance must be labeled properly. Pouring a chemical into a more manageable container does not have to be a concern any longer. Printing those secondary GHS labels is easy with our online SDS program.

Every business has its differences, and therefore has different needs within an SDS management system. We at DECA design each program around your specific requirements, taking into account the number and locations of departments, as well as SDS organizational structures. For more information about how our online SDS management system can keep your business compliant and more organized, visit or call our office at 317-575-0095.