The Technology Behind DECA’s Online SDS System

At DECA Environmental, we are proud to offer an online SDS system to our clients. We know the front-end value it can bring to each organization, from saving time and money, to increased safety and accurate reporting. However, there is also a lot of value in the back-end of our platform, which serves as the backbone for overall ease and efficiency. SAAS Technology Our online SDS management program is built with SAAS, or cloud-based, technology. The most valuable benefit to this type of software … [Read more...]

No More Paper: The Benefits of Adopting an Online SDS Management System

A challenge many companies face is the lack of a centralized safety data sheet (SDS) system. Businesses with multiple departments and work sites must juggle their regulated materials between them, providing each location with copies of their needed SDSs. However, this paper system has several drawbacks. Updating SDSs becomes a time-consuming task as every copy at each location must be replaced with the new SDS. New chemicals brought in by different departments may not communicate their recent … [Read more...]

The Value of an Online SDS Management System: A Client’s Perspective

DECA’s Online SDS Management System is designed to reduce costs and centralize information that would have otherwise been housed via paper systems across multiple departments. One of our online SDS management system clients is John Bawcum, of BraunAbility, which sells mobility products, such as vans with wheelchair lifts. BraunAbility, started in 1972, now employs 1,000 and is housed across 7 buildings on one site. Bawcum describes the unique advantages he has found since switching to an online … [Read more...]

Test Out a Demo of DECA’s Online SDS Management System

At first glance, managing your SDS (Safety Data Sheets) may seem like an easy task: when you buy a chemical, paint, solvent or other SDS-required material, you make sure to ask for the most recent paperwork and insert it into the appropriate SDS book. This process works well when you have only one person making the purchases. However, most companies source materials through many departments, such as engineering, maintenance and production. And let’s not forget the generous suppliers who bring in … [Read more...]

Online SDS Management Services Bring Efficiency to Your Business

Managing OSHA’s requirements involving Safety Data Sheets (SDS) may just be one of the most annoying aspects of running a business. They have a way of scattering throughout locations or even one office as materials are used or ordered by various departments. Centralizing paper in a complex organization is not easy! Efficiency has never been associated with SDS management—until now. Fortunately, online SDS management systems now exist to help streamline the recording and reporting process. … [Read more...]