Test Out a Demo of DECA’s Online SDS Management System

At first glance, managing your SDS (Safety Data Sheets) may seem like an easy task: when you buy a chemical, paint, solvent or other SDS-required material, you make sure to ask for the most recent paperwork and insert it into the appropriate SDS book. This process works well when you have only one person making the purchases. However, most companies source materials through many departments, such as engineering, maintenance and production. And let’s not forget the generous suppliers who bring in a “gallon to try”. Unfortunately, most businesses do not have a reliable system to manage this kind of multi-pronged sourcing process that ensures they are meeting OSHA standards for maintaining SDS.

DECA has a solution – an Online SDS Management system. Over the last four years, we have transitioned numerous clients to the cloud-based system, and each of them has found the program to be the most efficient way to keep current with OSHA requirements. With minimal training, their employees are able to access over 5 million SDS from any computer, tablet or smart phone. Each client receives a system built specifically around their needs, designed for the number of locations and departments as well as SDS organizational requirements. So far, DECA has trained over 5,000 of our clients’ employees on the system.

With the new Global Harmonization Standards (GHS), the Online SDS Management system could not have come at a better time. The program is fully integrated, allowing employees to search 35 fields of information from each SDS, updates each SDS on a two-year basis, and can print GHS compliant labels. It also has the ability to run a Form R report and can determine the individual components of each mixture.

We make implementing online SDS management easy. With digital or hardcopy SDS information or chemical lists you provide, we index all of your SDS documents and organize them per your specific needs. If necessary, all hard-copy materials are returned to you within a week. Once the system is built, we brand it with your company logo and release it for immediate employee training. Training can be conducted either onsite or through an online meeting format—whichever works best for your organization.

Try the DECA Demo and see how easy and intuitive the system can be for your employees.

To learn more about how Online SDS Management can help your company more easily comply with OSHA and GHS standards, send us an email, or give us a call at 317-575-0095.