The Technology Behind DECA’s Online SDS System

At DECA Environmental, we are proud to offer an online SDS system to our clients. We know the front-end value it can bring to each organization, from saving time and money, to increased safety and accurate reporting. However, there is also a lot of value in the back-end of our platform, which serves as the backbone for overall ease and efficiency.

SAAS Technology

Our online SDS management program is built with SAAS, or cloud-based, technology. The most valuable benefit to this type of software is it will not be obsolete in a few years. Because it is housed in the cloud rather than on your computer, we can easily update the program without involving you. Unlike Windows® on your PC that always seems to need you to update it and everything else on your computer to run smoothly, all you need to keep our program current is a good browser and internet connection. It is our policy to provide incremental feature enhancements, bug fixes etc., each of which can be tested on its own rather than throwing dramatic changes at our clients all at once. The SAAS environment also allows us to develop new features requested by our clients and implement them quickly. Our bevy of software engineers dedicated to the evolving functionality of our online SDS system allows us to be responsive and flexible for our clients.

Constant Access to the Latest Information

The goal behind the national SDS requirements is safety. No one can predict when an accident or spill will happen—though we know it is never at a convenient time. Response teams need to know the chemicals and their elemental make-up to be able to work quickly and effectively from anywhere. Our online SDS database of over 5 million SDSs allows every employee, in every portion of your facility or even off-site, to have access to the most up-to-date SDS information. As long as there is internet access the system can function.

Easy Implementation

The SAAS platform makes incorporating the online SDS management system into your business easy. Rather than having to employ an IT professional to manage your onsite program, our system sits off-site and is maintained by us. Once your company has completed our on-boarding process, your employees are able to access the system from any internet-connected device. However, if your company limits employee internet usage, the system can be more difficult to implement.

Built-In Redundancy

With an on-site system, there is a risk of the server or computer crashing and all of your SDS information being lost. With SAAS, the worry is that your internet is not working. At DECA we have engineered many back-up protocols that places you in a strong position to never have a catastrophe without having your chemical inventory. We have created an off-line companion version of our web-based system which can be stored on a desktop, laptop, or flash drive. Therefore, if your internet is down and an accident occurs, the information can be accessed easily. Also, our customer service process helps ensure your back-up system is always up to date. Within our monthly chemical inventory and system updates reporting is a reminder to back up your data!

Mobile Capability

One of the key values to our online SDS management system is our mobile technology. In 2011, we were the first SDS company to create a mobile app and introduce it to the App Store. The program is optimized for mobile technology, making it easy to use on a cell phone or tablet from anywhere you or your employees have a cellular connection. This functionality is well-used by our clients. It also serves as an additional redundancy if your power or internet are not functioning.

Technological Support

With any computer-based system, the technology behind it is just one part of the true value of the product. The support and service is also key. At DECA we train you and your employees on how to use the system and provide documentation based on single, action-oriented tasks. These consist of small manuals or single pages that can easily be posted to the wall that provide quick and easy “how-to” information. We also have tech phone support where we can connect you to the project manager that you work with who is knowledgeable about your company. Finally, we have in-app chat capability for quick questions. Our goal is to make implementing and using our online SDS management system as easy as possible for you and your clients.

Questions about how DECA Environmental’s online SDS management tool can help your organization? Send us an email or give us a call at 317-575-0095.