NESHAP Regulation Changes: “Once In, Always In” Is No More

The EPA released a memo in 2017 changing the way the agency treats the National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) applicability, which has added a new layer of complexity to navigating federal regulations. Before the new interpretation, the policy stood as once a NESHAP applied to your business there was no way to get out from under it unless you could prove the emissions source was permanently gone. So, unless you went out of business or removed a significant portion of … [Read more...]

Ins and Outs of the Indiana Air Permitting Process

For people who are not involved in the air permitting process on a daily basis, it can seem unnecessarily complicated and overwhelming. Even if your company does not need an air permit, there may be a good reason to prove you're exempt. The DECA Environmental Team has been working in this arena for over 19 years and is very familiar with the ins and outs of the Indiana air permitting process. Whether your facility needs an air permit is initially based upon your Potential To Emit (PTE), a … [Read more...]

Understanding Air Permitting and Compliance

There are two aspects to managing air emissions: permitting and compliance. Air permitting requires gathering usage rates of pollutant-emitting equipment and then calculating the emissions from those units to uncover the total emissions from your facility. That information is then given to IDEM and an air permit is generated. Compliance comes after the permitting process and requires keeping up with the quarterly and annual record keeping and reporting requirements. While most organizations … [Read more...]